Some People have no idea about how to hire the best Divorce lawyer in Lahore. So now we are here we have many expert Divorce lawyers in Lahore who can guide you the complete Procedure of Divorce in Pakistan. Our Law Firm in Lahore there are many expert Divorce lawyer in Lahore Pakistan who are working on the Divorce Cases in Pakistan. Advocate Nazia is best and expert Lawyer in Lahore and we have many more expert lawyers who can handle your cases in all over the Pakistan. If you need the more information about how to get hire the one of the best Divorce Lawyer in Lahore and who the Divorce Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan handle our Divorce Case in Pakistan.

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The Khula Procedure in Pakistan is very easy and simple for those females want to know that how can wife get the divorce in Pakistan. Advocate Jamila Ali is the professional lawyer in Lahore for the services of all legal cases especially khula in Pakistan. Here the opportunity to know the procedure of khula in Pakistan through the bet family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Want to know the Khula Pakistani Law legally by the CEO of the Azad Law Associate? If yes then you are in the right place. Our law firm in Lahore Pakistan open 24/7 hours for the services of client cases. Your question is that how can we get the khula in Pakistan. Our lawyer will file the application in court and insist the jug for divorce with reference. In case of more details call advocate Azad Ali @ 03464465967 and visit our website directly.


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The CEO of the Azad Law Associate “Advocate Azad Ali is the best lawyer in Lahore for court marriage in Lahore and procedure of court marriage in Pakistan. Most of the want to know the easy way for court marriage in Lahore Pakistan after know the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. I prefer you to choose advocate Azad ali for the services of court marriage in Pakistan. They will provide you the easy way for your marriage because he is the best lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for the services of all legal cases. know about the documents required for court marriage in Pakistan through our lawyers and advocates. In case of more details call advocate Azad Ali @ 03464465967 and visit our website. Court marriage law in Pakistan is very simple and easy for those males and females they want to spend the marriage life together. Click for More Details:

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Khula in Pakistan Through Divorce Procedure:

Jamila Law Associates is an expert of women rights and khula in Pakistan through divorce procedure in Pakistan.

Right of Khula in Islam:

In Islam, the rights of the wife are well established and protected both legally and socially. Unfortunately, however, a greater number of husbands and men-folk in general, are either ignorant of these rights, or willfully violate them however a wife can seek khula in Pakistan through divorce procedure in Pakistan as right. A lady enters the marriage contract through her absolute free choice, No marriage is solemnized without her consent. While the husband is assigned by Allah the right to divorce procedure in Pakistan, the wife has the right to seek separation through khula in Pakistan. If the husband does not agree to a separation, it can and should be enforced through the court's intervention.

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Legal Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

Khula Pakistani Law gives the right of khula through the Family Court. our lawyer in Lahore Pakistan will follow the khula procedure in Pakistan for the dissolution of marriage in Pakistan. Advocate Jamila Ali is the best advocate in Lahore Pakistan for the services of all kinds of legal cases especially khula procedure for overseas Pakistani. Most of the females want to know the khula process in Pakistan. our panel of a lawyer makes the easy and short way for khula in Pakistan. If you want to know the khula Pakistan family law by our lawyer in Lahore then you need to meet the CEO of the Jamila Law Associate and know all information about your cases. Our Law associate is the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan for the services of all family cases. In case of more details call advocate Jamila Ali @ 0092-3234910089 directly and visit our website directly.

The household expenditure is to be met by my husband, as a wife is not obliged to take or share this burden, even if she is rich, she may, but that will be a favorite. She has the right to have a separate dwelling, particularly if the husband possesses means to arrange one. She has the right to own property, received through various sources of inheritance, earned or enhanced through gainful investment, She may ask for a maid/want to do household chores, and cannot be compelled to do these jobs herself as an obligation, Legally, she has right of khula in Pakistan through divorce procedure in Pakistan and cannot be compelled even to breast-feed her baby.


Q: I am writing to you from America. If you could please help me and pass on some valuable faith, Quranic verses on Love in the Islamic Family and tell something about khula in Pakistan.

Answer of the Question:

A: You have specifically asked about love in a Muslim family, probably seeking the nature of the relationship between husband and wife. We shall not burden you will a long quote. Let the following brief references suffice: l. Chapter 30, verse 21 of al-Qur'an [And of His Signs is that He created "latest for you from yourselves that you might find peace of mind in them, and He put between you love and compassion] speaks of how love and compassion have been divinely put between the two sexes, around which the whole marital network is to revolve and peace of mind attained; Chapter 7, verse 189 [it is He Who created from a single person, and made his state of like nature so that he might dwell with her — in love] mentions the creation of mates for mutual comfort, Chapter 2, verse 187 describes marital tie in terms of husband and wife being (like) apparel for each other — that is, a source of protection as well as a beauty [they are your garments and ye are their garments].

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Thus love, compassion, and care make the real essence of the marital system in Islam and khula in Pakistan through divorce procedure in Pakistan is also a right of wife. This objective then permeates all laws framed by Islam that regulate family life. When generous mutual respect becomes impossible for any good reason, then the way to separation is kept open, because, without the peace of mind, love, and affection, family life is not 'thinkable in Islam. This is the major reason for allowing khula in Pakistan through divorce procedure in Pakistan in contrast to what we find in the orthodox Christian traditions. To this effect please refer to Chapter 4, verse 129-130, verse 229 of Chapter 2 and 2:237 and 65:2 in the Quran. Add to these verses from the Quran, one of the most referred sayings of the Prophet (peace be upon him): The best amongst you is one who cares most of his family and you grasp the nature of family life in Islam.

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Husbands behavior & Khula Procedure in Pakistan:

Jamila Advocate is the best lawyer for the Khula Procedure in Pakistan due to husband bad behavior and can very easily get you divorce in Pakistan. Advocate Jamila is the best choice for the khula process in Pakistan and Khula in Pakistan.

Question: My question concerns my husband's behavior to whom I got married two years back. Let me start with the good he possesses. He is a wonderful father to our three children, and he does his part by providing finance for the family and he is always working hard with the Islamic issues in the community so I never thought of Khula Procedure in Pakistan or any sort of divorce in Pakistan. At the same time, however, he is seeking to do a business partnership with the kuffar. He smokes Marijuana [drugs regularly]. He mingles with kuffar and he talks with them on the phone. When he tells me, he is going to work, he seeks out their company.

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Drinking Alcohol in Company:

My husband stays out fishing all night from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am and allows his kafir friends to drink alcohol in his company. I have explained to my husband how badly all these issues were hurting me and asked him to stop doing these things which Allah has forbidden for us. I have threatened to leave and seek Khula Procedure in Pakistan. He tells me over and over again that he has repented to Allah and is going to leave the Haram, but he is still doing these evil things. I admonish him every time I see these evil actions. He tells me that I don't appreciate the good that he does and that I am ungrateful to him.

Get Advice by Professional Lawyers:

Please advise me on what to do for the best interest of my soul, my religion, and my children. All that he is doing is making it very hard for me to be obedient to him according to the Quran and Sunnah. Our lawyer in Lahore Pakistan

Question About The Khula In Pakistan:

A: We understand and fully appreciate the difficult time you are having and the mental torture you are subjected to. Notwithstanding all that, our instant response is please forget about Khula Procedure in Pakistan, That might bring more harm to you and your children, As long as he is Muslim and has not openly announced kufr or shirk, try to stay patient and continue working to win him over. Try to find out reasons what make him run from home and seek pleasure in drugs and bad company. If you could attract him back, it will be the biggest Jihad for you to do — Why then try to escape. You better pay special thanks to Allah that your husband loves the family, takes care, and above all, he is a Muslim — though wrong-doer. That last piece of our advice is a challenge for you as a responsible wife and a wise and loving mother of three children so forget about Khula Procedure in Pakistan or any kind of divorce in Pakistan.

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