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We all loved to read these books at some point in our life, right? With books, there comes the fondness for the bookshelves because how long can you store the books in display boxes? When it comes down to the bookshelves, keeping the books organized is pretty therapeutic. In the same way, reading books is always more fun than reading books on iPads and Kindle. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that taking out the book from the bookshelf and reading it in the cosy environment is no less than a rewarding feeling. Even more, these bookshelves always look more engaging as compared to those display boxes. So, if you want to decorate the bookshelves and make them look appealing, we have got some steps for you to follow!

Take Out Everything 

If you already have a bookshelf and have books tucked on them, we suggest that you first empty up the bookshelf. Once you’ve taken out each book, sort them out according to the colour, subject, and size. In the same vein, you need to take out the academic books because who wants the chemistry book with the alchemist novel, right? In addition, if there are paperbacks, remove them as well. In simpler words, you need to remove everything that’s adversely impacting the visual appeal of the shelf. In the end, you need to add some perks with wooden boxes, trays, and vases!

Creating The Backdrop

Sure, you are going to add the bookshelf but there will be some wall peeping from the behind. With this being said, you could try adding some wallpaper or paint on the back because it curates the depth. Besides, it creates an alluring factor while adding a pop of colour. We suggest opting for the dark shade of painting or wallpaper as compared to the bookshelf’s design. You can also design the wallpaper yourself and utilize the leftover crafty supplies. 

Replacing The Huge Things 

So, we had asked you to remove everything from the bookshelf. With this being said, you need to use the large objects and curate the zigzag patterns for setting up everything. For instance, if there is a huge box, add that to the upper left corner of the shelf. In case you want something with the books, we suggest adding the candles with round edges. 

Once you start settling in everything, you must be able to see the symmetry and balance. In the same vein, if you have two shelves, you will need to mix and match the symmetry. However, you should always put the big stuff on the top and start adding small stuff at the bottom but in the opposite direction. 

Filling The Blanks 

You must not leave huge blanks on the bookshelf. With this being said, if there are empty spaces on the book, you need to fill them up by curating the vertical as well as horizontal book stacks. With this being said, the big books should go on the bottom and start going up with the smaller books. In this way, the books will look organized. On the other hand, you should start putting the big books on the outside and leave the small ones for the inside. 

No Overstuffing 

While you are on your way to decorating the bookshelf, you need to curate the fine combination of one-third empty space, books, and accessories. However, if the storage is an issue, add the identical stuff at the bottom shelf. In the same way, add the vertical books in 60% proportion and add the other 40% books on a horizontal basis. This will actually create a fine balance without compromising on the spontaneous factor. 

Double Duty Of The Books 

For everyone who is decorating the bookshelves, we suggest holding the small objects and create vertical stacks on the horizontal shelves. We are saying this because you need to curate the textures, shapes, and different materials. With this being said, you should add different materials, such as ceramic, wicker, leather, shell, and horn. 

While complimenting the bookshelf, you need to use light-coloured stuff with dark hues, round objects with square books, while adding the matte objects with shiny appearing objects. However, you can always experiment with the items, shapes, and colours. Lastly, never create something that bulges or looks overwhelming. So, you can click here to buy display boxes if you want to DIY the bookshelf. 

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